System 2 Trading was founded for traders by traders. We knew what we wanted: low cost option trading, access to technology, and a relaxed collaborative trading floor. But we couldn’t find it. So we built it ourselves. In 2009, we broke away from the prop shops and launched our own trading firm. Today, we’ve far surpassed our original goals, but we’re not satisfied. The one constant in financial markets is change. We challenge ourselves daily to run a few steps ahead.

Our Technology

Our Office Culture

Equity options trading is already intense enough. Who needs an uncomfortable office environment to boot? System 2 Trading prides itself on having created the ideal environment for traders to reach their full potential.


Maybe it’s an idea about a specific trading approach to a specific market environment. Maybe it’s tapping another trader’s experience. Or maybe it’s a few more eyes on the market alerting you to opportunities you would have missed solo. Bottom line: Your bottom line improves.


Multiple studies have shown people perform better in relaxed atmospheres than high-stress environments. System 2 Trading strives to create a laid-back, relaxed trading atmosphere. You'll find both couches and games in our office. We also encourage people to bring their (well-behaved) dogs to work.


If you prefer the perks of oceanfront trading or simply like a silent trading environment, no problem. System 2 Trading works remotely too. Trade equity options on the opposite side of the world if you so desire. We sometimes take trading vacations ourselves. System 2 Trading will get you plugged-in to our interface and up-and-running remotely in no time.  

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